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9 Ways To Improve Your Digestion

Stomach and digestion problems can make you feel distressed, so changing your diet can help to alleviate these issues and reinforce healthy digestion. With some simple adjustments you can improve your digestion and in turn improve your mental and physical health. Understanding the possible effects and triggers is key to a better and healthier you.

Watch what you eat before sleep

Certain foods can lead to digestion issues if eaten too close to sleep. Your best bet is to avoid them entirely or eat in moderation. Spicy foods have been found to one of the main culprits.

Sugar and energy excess

Eating foods high in sugar can give extra energy but cause a crash hours later. Your best bet is to nutrient-dense meals and snacks.

Avoid highly processed foods

Besides being unhealthy, highly processed foods often have ingredients that have little nutritional value and are burdensome on your body and often contain large amounts of unhealthy ingredients which in turn causes our bodies to work overtime to process them.

Imbalanced blood sugar levels, unbalanced energy and moods

If you aren’t digesting your food efficiently it leads to blood sugar level issues which then impacts your energy, mind, and body.

Hormones in food and increased cancer risk

Foods high in hormones, like beef and soy products, impact hormone levels and can lead to greater cancer risk.

Avoid the stress cycle

Stress can lead to stomach stress, which leads to pain, gas, bloating, and a decreased metabolism. This all just causes more stress and thus created a cycle of stress of bad digestion.  

Add good bacteria to the mix

Eating probiotic foods and supplements can help to make the stomach work more efficiently which in turns keeps the digestive process running smoothly.

Watch your meal size

Besides alcohol, eating too large of a meal, which leads to too much acid in your body, can impair liver function.

Nutrient impact

With both stomach and digestion issues it can impact your nutrient intake. Having a happy stomach and smooth digestion will allow you to keep up with your daily nutrient requirements.

If you notice you are having any issues the first step is to make the appropriate changes and choose healthy foods as well as be active. This will keep your bowels healthy as well as reduce stress.  We also recommend DePuff to help improve digestion and constipation. Say bye bye to belly bloat  Check out one of our five amazing products on our website.

If issues are still occurring make sure to see a physician to check for possible medical issues.