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5 Foods To Avoid That Cause Bloating

Are you regularly experiencing bloating after you eat?   Have you ever considered the possibility that it could be your diet?  You may be surprised by all of the common everyday foods that cause bloating and indigestion.  What we eat contributes significantly to our general well-being.   There are lots of solutions.
Basic and advanced studies have both proven without any contradictions that some foods indeed cause bloating. Defined in the simplest words; these are swollen tummies due to mini digestive disorders. The explanations below shortlist a few foods to check on:


Beans most certainly top the list, mainly because it’s a regular meal in many homesteads. It’s a legume, meaning its chemical composition dictates that nitrogen is its main component. Besides that, they contain alpha-galactoside, a complex sugar. This sugar contains short chain carbohydrates that escape digestion. They are then fermented, and a by-product of the gasses is a result in the colon. They may cause discomfort to people with irritable bowel.


Protein gluten in wheat is known to cause major digestive disorders to people with celiac disease. Included among them is bloating.


Commonly used as a consumed cereal grain, it is very nutritious based on its fiber, vitamin and mineral content. Barley is also known to cause bloating to people who have issues with high fiber intake. They are also known to contain gluten. So caution must be taken.

Dairy Products

Regarded as one of the healthiest sources of proteins and calcium, dairy products are by no doubt very nutritious. But all of this comes with its share of complications. Recent statistics have shown that nearly 75% of the world population can’t digest lactose. This is known to contribute to some digestive issues, among them is bloating.

Carbonated Drinks

We can’t speak of bloating and fail to mention carbonated beverages. The preservatives in these drinks are mainly liquefied gasses. These gasses upon consumption have a tendency to cause bloating.

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Top Foods that Can Make You Bloat

Certain foods you eat can definitely contribute to the muffin top issue.
Here are some foods you may want to cut back on for date night.

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