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Feng Shui Fridge

When people think of improving their diet the tendency is to more think towards what you’re eating and portion sizes so it isn’t commonplace to think of the refrigerator as area that can be changed to help.  More often than not our refrigerators are disorganized and this can spill over into our eating habits.

In fact, tying into this idea appliance manufacturers have recently taken to adding windows allowing a consumer to see the contents of their fridges. While this is great for organized people this can be a bit harder on those that aren’t. To better help understand a Feng Shui expert and a nutritionist have given some insight into helping improve your eating habits through simply changing how you organize and deal with the contents of your fridge.

Jayme Barrett, author of Feng Shui Your Life, says “when you Feng Shui your fridge, you’re creating a calm, healthy eating experience that can bring you joy.” One of the first steps is removing clutter from the fridge. This includes such things as photos, schedules, flyers, invitations, anything and everything. This simple difference can change your fridge from a stressful “chaotic visual” that can unconsciously cause you to eat unhealthy or overeat.

She suggests moving schedules to the inside less used cabinets and instead posting inspirational quotes or images that can promote more positive feelings. Keri Glassman, MS, RD, and founder of Nutritious Life also recommends spaces that are calming and organized to reduce stress as this will in turn mean less cortisol hormone which can leads to a smaller waistline.

The next step to transforming your fridge is all about the presentation and preparation of your food. First off, restock your produce and avoid putting it in the “graveyard” and forgetting about them. Then put them in clear bowls and in shelves in your fridge where you will be more likely to grab them. Then move your junk food into opaque containers which will keep you from immediately grabbing them as they are less likely to grab your attention.

You can go a step further and hide them. Next up, Glassman advises to prep food as soon as it is brought home. Instead of keeping your veggies in a bag immediately cut them up and place in a clear container in an accessible shelf. In fact, it is a great idea to keep several types of healthy protein and fiber filled snacks readily available. Not only will save time, effort, and calories, you will also be more likely eat them.

Such simple changes which can have a large impact on your eating habits.  Changing your view (in this case your fridge view) on food can help to transform your diet.